Founded and led by Thom Noble, NeuroStrata is a growing  global network of specialists, with ready access to apply expertise to all marketing facets of science-led,non-conscious, emotional and implicit techniques.

Thom is a pioneer in NeuroMarketing with deep experience in its application over the past 10 years. With a blue-chip  career in international marketing and consultancy, he combines a rare and insightful blend of strategic rigour, creative appreciation and pragmatic,  commercial nous to applied neuroscience and  biosensory approaches.

NeuroStrata’s expanding network is augmented by accredited specialists drawn from backgrounds including science, technology, software, marketing, research, planning, brand & management consultancy, brand strategy, design & innovation.

Foremost among our Associates is Dr Michael Smith MBA,  an applied cognitive neuroscientist and business professional specializing in consumer neuroscience research. Dr Smith has exceptional level of experience in leveraging his respected academic know-how to deliver actionable neurological insights to clients across many markets, cultures and industry sectors.