Dr Keith Ewart

Keith Ewart

Keith Ewart is a P&G stalwart and thought leader in the understanding & delivery of great product and packaging experiences.   He is attracted to the NeuroStrata approach as they are the go-to-experts in Evaluating Emotional Experiences.

An enthusiastic communicator who enjoys collaborating and pulling teams together.  He believes in the potential of people to do great things and wants to inspire individuals and teams to create great experiences that truly delight their consumers.   He also believes that the innovation process can be improved by failing fast and learning quickly using the most appropriate tools.  He believes all clients should immerse themselves in understanding their consumer and also understanding their solution (whether it be a technology or service provision).  It is this interface between what is needed and what is possible that Keith loves working on.

Keith has 24 years of experience in senior global Insight positions, working for Procter & Gamble, in foods, personal care and appliances.  He has pioneered techniques for understanding consumer behaviour in store and in home with the use of smart technologies.  He has facilitated over 30 multifunctional ideation sessions, driven the use of rapid prototyping and fast cycle learning across the company and championed Product and Packaging Design and Emotion understanding and evaluation.

Keith brought eyetracking, Kansei engineering and collaborative design tools into P&G Corporate Packaging R&D and championed Design & Emotion.  He pioneered use of Neurometric, Psychometric and Biometric measurements in understanding emotional response to Brand and product experiences.

Outside work, Keith is Secretary at Ruislip RFC, a 6 handicap golfer who collects Open winners golf autographs.

Specialties: Behaviour understanding; Co-Creation workshops in: product, packaging, device and experiential design, service provision, demo development and concept generation; Innovation process; Fast cycle prototyping & evaluation; Design and Emotion evaluation

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