Neurostrata founder and CEO Thom Noble will be speaking at Terrapinn’s ‘Neuromarketing Briefing’ in London on June 26th.

Thom’s presentation (at 9.10-9.40 am) is titled ‘Understand what makes consumers buy products’ and will cover:

  • What we know about consumer behaviour and decision-making.
  • How neuroscience can reveal insights behind behaviours.
  • The role of emotions and unconscious processes in purchasing.
8 reasons you should attend:
  1. Enhance your understanding of consumer behaviour and what makes them buy products
  2. Discover how you can predict purchases using neuroscientific insights
  3. Learn how you can reduce the risk associated with the launch of new products and large campaigns
  4. Evaluate how neuromarketing and traditional marketing techniques can be combined to maximise success
  5. Examine how neuromarketing can improve your marketing results and help you sell the value of your work
  6. Connect with industry leaders and get first-hand, tailored advice on how to apply neuromarketing to your business
  7. Gather information on subconscious associations with brands, and enhance your brand identity
  8. Discuss ways to get management buy-in for neuromarketing strategies

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