NeuroStrata activities continues to expand…

Best known as Neuro-Navigators, we are increasingly developing a wider range of NeuroStrata Test & Learn mind-science applications. Additionally we are creating customized versions of these for those agencies and clients looking for a licenced application for regular (weekly) testing.

Our services fall broadly into 3 main areas

  1. Consultancy Services

NeuroStrata Consultancy services span 30 min ‘speed immersion’ meetings, training workshops, demos, vendor selection and project management, insight generation and application, Best Practice consultancy, Advisory Board Roles and Venture / Collaboration alliances.


NeuroStrata offer Advisory Board services to help Board-level execs in organizations change their marketing culture- change the way they think about brands, consumers and their insight generation. We help them navigate the new territory and leverage commercial opportunities in mindscience. These services are available not just to clients, but also to agencies keen to develop a competitive edge through MindScience.

MindScience Consultancy

NeuroStrata works at either a strategic or operational level on ad hoc assignments or ongoing programmes. Projects include: Assisting in client pitches, mentoring senior execs and delivering neurometric study recommendations.

Workshops & Training

From first introductions to advanced implementations, NeuroStrata offer an array of tailored workshops and immersion sessions to inform, train and embed mindscience best practices and highlight watch-outs.

Project Management

From commissioning projects, overseeing fieldwork, to generating and applying insights, NeuroStrata provides a wide range of capabilities.

Vendor Selection

In this fast growing field, vendors capabilities and competencies differ markedly in terms of Methodology, Technology, Scientific underpinning and Experience in application. NeuroStrata guides clients through the Vendor Selection process and ensures that the right partners, right methodology, right study design is deployed. We also have the expertise to ask vendors the really difficult questions!

New Service: Neuro-Literate Recruitment

Reflecting our pioneering role in developing the neuromarketing industry, we are more formally establishing a recruitment service for those looking to hire staff with experience in neuromarketing, mindscience application and neuro-brand planning.

  1. Applications 

NeuroStrata Test and Learn Applications

  1. NeuroStrata Image Optimization
  2. NeuroStrata Pack Design Optimization (7 layers of mindscience optimization)
  3. NeuroStrata Distinctive Assets Optimization
  4. NeuroStrata Ad Testing Optimization
  5. NeuroStrata TouchPoint Optimization
  6. NeuroStrata Purchase Intent Optimization
  • To address the growing demand for Test and Learn studies, we are increasing our range of smart-science applications.
  • Harnessing its own marketing, design and creative expertise, together with the very latest science, and technology, NeuroStrata assembles applications that deliver what we believe are state-of-the -art Evaluation, Optimization and Tracking solutions.
  • Our solutions are typically on-line and involve integrated multi-modal tools providing richer, deeper insights.
  • Being Test and Learn solutions, the applications are highly automated with rapid turnaround times and light-touch usability.

Customization, White Label and Licensing

Those agencies and businesses seeking to create their own mindscience frameworks and solutions to leapfrog the competition, have led us to customize our solutions and create White Label or Licenced applications.

Contact us directly for more information.

New Service: Creative Neuro Optimzation Consultancy

A unique consultancy service founded on the very latest thinking in cognitive neuroscience and behavioural economics.

  • It taps into NeuroStrata’s deep experience in understanding consumer response patterns and neuro-best practices to optimize the effectiveness of creative outputs
  • To provide clear creative recommendations for more effective in-market results
  • Fast, affordable, highly practical and actionable

Best use is for design and creative work at any stage of development.

  • When time is short
  • When budgets preclude full testing
  • As an introduction to neuroscience application
  1. Partnerships

NeuroStrata works around the world with a network of independent consultants and businesses to deliver optimal solutions. Contact us if you would be interested in becoming a preferred partner or Associate.

Right now, reflecting the areas we are increasingly drawn into, we are seeking Partners or Associates who are neuro-literate, independent specialists in Semiotics, Product Design, 3-D Printing, Texture, Architecture, Sonics, Politics and HR.