Press Release:

NeuroStrata adds another layer: Neuro-Sonics

NeuroStrata, the innovative global neuromarketing consultancy and advisory business, is adding another strand to its increasing range of disciplines, by launching its neuro-sonics unit.

Thom Noble, NeuroStrata’s Founder has announced today that he and his team are re-activating their earlier involvement in evaluating and optimizing sound & music for the marketing, creative and entertainment industries.

Says Noble: Measuring non-conscious response patterns on a moment-by-moment basis, enables us to identify what triggers the most potent reactions in both mind and body…eg those profound physiological sensations – lump in the throat, tears in the eye, shivers up the spine.

Then working closely with musicologists, composers and recording artists we re-arrange the compositions or audio components in order to intensify emotional response and enhance the experience. Simple really: 9 parts Creativity + 1 part Science.

In his earlier career in international brand marketing at GSK, Diageo and Disney, Noble had become exasperated by the lack of focus afforded to sound and music by creative agencies.  Says Noble I was lucky enough to work with some of the very best brains in ad, design and innovation agencies and on world-leading brands and award winning campaigns….. but time and again the role of sound and music was relegated or ignored within the creative process.

Not surprising then, that his first project 10 years ago on leaving the corporate world was to establish a truly innovative Neuro-Sonic design business; the idea being to use neuroscience and biometric techniques to measure emotional response to sound and music in films, ads, TV programs, computer games and in Brand Identity.

In answer to the question why NeuroStrata now is re-activating the earlier interest, Noble explained that first time around, the idea was too far ahead of itself, whereas now 2 new developments have totally transformed the opportunity for Neuro-Sonics:

First, technology: the very latest consumer neuroscience priming techniques allow the implicit measurement  of specific emotions, feelings and thoughts- previously we only had a broad intensity measure of overall emotional engagement. So for the first time we can evaluate audio in a far more diagnostic, almost forensic fashion and pinpoint how best to enhance it.

Second; the application of neuromarketing has pretty much reached a tipping point with most progressive clients now far more open to deploying these new tools to improve the effectiveness of all forms of creativity. And audio is increasingly being recognized as a missed opportunity. Agencies too, be they Branding, Experiential, Product Design, R+D or Innovation are recognizing the unique potential.

Noble is joined by long-term collaborator and applied neuroscience guru, Darren Bridger. Noble declared I’m thrilled Darren has joined NeuroStrata and its network of specialist collaborators, bringing with him vast experience and insights from running neurological and biometric studies around the world.

Bridger: Whilst NeuroStrata already applies new science-led techniques to many aspects of marketing, we are seeing a growing interest especially in the areas of Multi-sensory and Experiential  design. Audio is an extraordinarily powerful but underplayed component. We now have the means to evaluate and  enhance it as never before.

About Neurostrata

NeuroStrata is an independent, agnostic neuromarketing advisory and consultancy business. It guides clients and agencies into the use of new science-led neuromarketing techniques. NeuroStrata activities include:

  • Advisory Board guidance on adoption and integration of neurometric and biometric techniques.
  • Running of pitches on behalf of Agencies and Clients
  • Formal evaluation and assessment of suppliers and vendors
  • Creation of new integrated evaluation tools
  • Development of white label products
  • Strategic guidance on business and geographical expansion
  • Specialist  consultancy in Sensory and Experiential marketing
  • Audio Design