Alan Haefele

With 13 years in software consulting, development and architecture, Alan has experience in all facets of successful software projects from analysis to roll-out, and personally involved in a number of enterprise applications spanning FMCG Retail, Construction, and Neuro-marketing industries.

Over a period of 3-4 years, Alan engaged with Ameoba64 and NeuroCo in a number of neuro-marketing projects working to automate and streamline the mass-processing of EEG, EDR and other human-response data on multiple tests and their sample’s demographics. Working closely with top UK neuro-scientists to understand human brain anatomy, memory and other leading neuro-science research topics, this work led to the automation of their aggregation algorithms allowing NeuroCo to efficiently map, mathematically analyse, and graphically output results in a client-friendly, easily-interpretable format, saving their researchers considerable time and money.

Alan manages South Africa and UK-based software firm Haefele Software engaging in online and mobile intelligent business applications and integration projects, most notably with 2 successful online start-ups a 12-year relationship with Tesco Stores Plc overseeing the leading UK retailer’s packaging design workflow solution – him and his team supporting on all technical aspects from hardware to IP, development extensions to training.

Alan has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town and while most familiar with latest Microsoft environments and technologies, he often advises on software solution design and architecture for all platforms and hardware requirements