Neuroscience in Practice. The Definitive Guide for Marketers

18 Page Comprehensive Feature.  Admap March Issue. Available now from WARC/ Admap. For Extract see

Thom Noble, pioneer in NeuroMarketing and founder of  NeuroStrata, examines how consumer neuroscience can be used to improve the accuracy and quality of market research. With contributions from other leading practioners including Dr Michael Smith, Prof. Gemma Calvert, Ron Wright and Dr Carl Marci and covers the 3 main approaches of NeuroMetrics (brain responses),  BioMetrics (physiological-bio responses) and PsychoMetric (implicit responses).

To date the new field of neuromarketing research has created excitement, optimism, scepticism and rejection in equal measure. Here we attempt to provide some balanced thinking on the topic, and some much-needed clarity on its prevailing practical, day-to-day application in the marketplace. From a brief overview of the underlying science, we introduce the main tools being deployed and what outputs they can and can’t deliver. With the primary emphasis on implementation, we provide examples of real-world studies, a look at the specific areas of added-value insights, and for those eager to take their first steps, guidance on how to best navigate this new territory and get the most out of it.

A full copy of the feature is available from WARC / Admap .

A PDF extract is available here: (Intro – Admap, March 2013).